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The fifth string tuning peg is obstructive when you play. The solution is:
Put the tuning peg on the tailpiece!

The Flattop model is fitted with a fastening ring for the 5'th string tuning peg. It will fit all standard tuning pegs. Crome plated.
A fastening bushing, made of unplated brass, is glued into the peg hole in the neck for the loop end of the string.
Instructions included.
We had a very limited edition of the Oldtime model fitted for reversing the 5th string. Oldtime musicians may not fret the 5th string much, but some might appreciate it and some left handed musicians play with their banjo turned upside down.

Here is a tuning peg with an angeled string post ...
(Prototype tailpiece.)

...and here is a planetary 5th string peg.
(Prototype tailpiece.)

The bushing in the peg hole in the neck.